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as requested by my boy    (10/09/14)  


My boy would like to have a new pencil case for new school year. He requested to make it by light leather and it should big enough to put in large number of pens and a calculator. I then use my old leather vest to make it.

One of his special requests is to have a thumb size tab at the end of the zipper. It isn't as easy as you think, my finger was pricked by needle quite few times because of it ah!!!



上期好沉迷縫紉, 最近又狂戀鈎針編織. 

小時候比較喜歡編織, 認為鈎織好老土. 人大了, 真心明白很多事情不要太早為自己下定論. 例如以前不喜歡物理和化學, 但現在反而很想多學一點.

在網上溜覽時看見別人的鈎織品, 突然很想學. 立刻搜尋家中剩餘舊毛線, 在網上學一些基本技巧和花樣.  然後便創作自己的款式.  "花"當然是主角啦.  其實我並非"好色"之人, 但由於是利用剩餘物資, 因此便五顏六色了, 加上士多啤梨拉鍊, 我自己都認為真係cute得有點過份. 

          My hand carry baG      (24/02/14)

不知從何時開始愛上了縫紉. 可惜眼高手低以為好易, 送給老公的2個仿皮袋都唔係太見得人(不過老公好抵得諗, 居然重帶返公司用 !)  今次從淺入深, 縫了個簡單的手挽袋給自己......我會鍛鍊好技巧後, 再做一個送俾老公!

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