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Sewing & needlework

My beloved late grandmother was an excellent tailor who raised her sons and grandchildren with her skillful hands.   She is the one I love the most in my life.   Whenever I use the sewing machine, I can't stop thinking of her.  It is the way to cherish my memory to her, to her unconditional love to me..... 



UGLY socks & 1st DIY slippers     



It is one of the ways to show my love to my dearest boys......


Besides, I am so keen to make slipper.  The first one I made was a bit funny and ugly by using old worn clothes and swimming suit .  This is the second pairs, but I am still not satisfied with workmanship.  I will keep to source the non-slippery and durable material for sole and will definitely make the third, forth pairsfor my boys!


                      新玩兒 - 針刺羊毛線   (05.11.2013)



老公為我細心安排行程, 發掘了很多手作仔天堂供我瘋狂享樂, 還給以無限耐性陪伴.


10月初與老公二人世界遊東京,  不為什麼, 只為食和買手作仔材料.

日本簡直是DIY天堂, 所有細緻, 精巧, 美輪美奐的皮具, 布藝, 陶泥, 木工等等大大小小的材料井然有序地排列.  尤以池袋商場的一整層真夠消磨好幾天 (深水埗那種雜亂是不能比的, 而且品質更是優勝萬倍),  瘋狂地買了一大堆, 還要加買一個帆布喼.好離譜呀!

最最開心的是旅程結束了還有後續, 一大堆材料等著我去玩.  這個針刺羊毛所做的龍貓就是新作品啦! 



我本來有一個十分可愛的龍貓手機套, 但由於太可愛, 因此在公司常招人取笑, 加上我的手機屬冷門類, 坊間選擇不多, 咁唯有DIY啦 !


用料是家中的仿皮布碎 ($30兩碼,真係抵到笑).   DIY的好處就是可按需要而度身訂做. 除放手機外, 我還希望能放公司出入咭和八達通, 以方便我在公司大樓走動.  咁主題當然是我最愛的花啦.  今天第一日用已經吸引到不少訂單, 真係多謝晒大家支持, 不過我要等退休或炒魷時先至交到貨喎!



 LITTLE GUY 'S DIY   -  AN ORGANIZER    (26.4.13)         

Little guy made this organizer at school to put his stuff.  He did it all by himself from idea, design, printing, sewing to the end product.  Workmanship is not perfect, but it is such a great DIY thing to organize the loose items.  Now it is hanged at the window of his study room together with 3 monkeys. 

 What a party there!



Beanie . . . . . .




My boy has asked me to make a beanie since last Christmas and has reminded me on and off throughout the year......without avoidance, it's time to face the reality, I started to make it last weekend and enjoy regaining the fun with knitting after so many years. As requested, a beard was also made to attach on the beanie, it is one of the new styles of today's generation (Wow)! 





I bought this cosmetic bag from "Fellissimo", one of my  favourite on-line shops.  The size of it is so perfect and it can be widely opened.  However the Japanese floral print has been worn out after washing few times. I then used a cloth bought in Tokyo to give it a new look.   It is nice, isn't it?




                 Old cosmetic bag



     I also used it to make a key bag.



It is a lamp shape I made from old curtain.   It fits well in my bedroom. However, I am too lazy that the one on my husband side still hasn't been made yet......
          "Homemade" speaker             
Waist Belt - It is so convenient and you can adjust to fit your waist.

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