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                little guy's 1st try at pottery making


Little guy made all these during summer vacation in a workshop at Peng Chau Island (five days courses). He specially loves this pot because making a round smooth shape with a curve mouth on a pottery wheel is a bit hard for beginner.

He also made an "alien owl" fragrance oil holder and a "fire spirit" holder. We like all of them.  I believe creativity and uniqueness are the core values of DIY  






約11年前在日本買了3隻長手毛毛熊,一直擺放在客廳讓他們隨意擁抱. 但大部份時間他們都是懶洋洋的散坐在沙發背上. 所以我便用紙黏土如拍照般拍下這"全家褔. 我覺得看後面比看前面更温馨呢!

(註1: 因為掛住玩,晚上沒煮飯,老公又去了上班...最後"簡簡單單"煮了個罐頭湯請小兒頂一頂,一直待老公11時多回家才買來豐富宵夜打救我們,hahaha......夠狂熱吧 :p )


It was made with a honey bottle, I am trying to play a part in recycling!  



The stand of my Gnomy was broken, I then made a tree for them.  Are they match?



It is the piece I like the most, please click in to see the details.  It was made with my heart! 



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