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We were all stunned by its beauty                                                                                                 - taken by big & little guys

We traveled to New Zealand 2 years ago and brought a new digital SLR camera for this "National Geographic" trip.  You will never get bored as the sky is getting changes from day to night every minute and every second.  Sometimes, naughty rainbow went down to the sea.  It is such a beautiful sight hardly to be forgotten in life.  Photo cannot show the full view.  When you are there you will know how majestic it is, and you will also know how insignificant you are. 




A sunny day at the peak      - taken by little guy


Hong Kong, the place where we were born, where we grew up, where we are changing tremendously .   One of the most significant changes is our blue sky, it is no longer as blue as we had in childhood, however it is comparatively clear yesterday (9/12/12)......will it be fading just like the justice and fairness that we are losing?

Beautiful place, beautiful sun, beautiful sea......I wish they won't be left just in our memories  



Guess what it is?

It was a pattern of a

T-shirt taken by my boy.  You will find the colour and light contrast make it looks interesting.  Photography is not  easy, I really have no sense of it.  


That's why all the photos in "My Art Gallery" were taken by the "Men"  =P


Funny birds......even if you pointed your camera half feet in front of him, he just stood still as it.    What an inborn  model !!!

Starry starry night, paint your palette blue and grey., looks out on a summer's day. .............lalalalalala!!!!



Who will be that hardhearted to

   destroy or contaminate it ...... 


  We are just insignificant......
 A photo taken in sydney at new year 2012         

Do you like this photo? It was taken by my little gentleman and it is as beautiful as art..


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