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Old tile  cup coaster        20 sep,2012     
  I bought them many years ago from a design shop.  They look well-worn and give you a big space to feel.  I appreciate all kinds of art, but to be honest, comtemporary art is not my cup of tea, especially when I am now growing old......@-^
Handmade shoes                 19 sep, 2012       
I bought this pair of shoes today.  It was handmade in Germany and it fits my feet just like my second skin.  The most funny part is the tip - a knief cut sewing end.  And the most attractive of handmade stuff is it will grow with history.  I wish I can show you again after wearing for years......when it carrys an aroma of old days :) 
another  collection of gnomy  12 Sep,2012 


I almost forgot this one.  In fact it is on my dinning table and I can see it proofs again that people usually ignores those around and takes it for granted...hehe!

It should be a flower pot, but we uses it to collect wine is almost full now......

Belgium  Embroidery        11 Sep, 2012      

I brought this handmade fan from Brussel this summer. This kind of art passing down from one generation to the next and usually from mom to daughter.  It is not the complicated one, but it costs around HK650.  Some of them cost more than thousands and even ten thousands....


Magnet to witness our foot steps in the world         07 Sep,2012      
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       Gnomy collection - my favorite items  (29 Aug, 2012)


        Click in to see it clear :)   


                                 My gnomy bear family      (28 Aug, 2012)



 I have the blue one for years.  One day I found a website in Netherland which has the red medium one and the small little one (they are unique because of handmade by Annekabouke).  After 2 weeks waiting, I see them finally in my hands.  They just like a family.  Will show you more of my collections. 

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