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                                      "傑作"之補充      04.12.2012





這個五花肥腩原來係好考究: 五花腩第一層連毛的肥膏和最底的肉都不要, 要皮下最嫩個層油脂, 中間的嫩肉和根膜.  放入口中, 那層香軟的油脂溶合多汁的嫩肉, 加上根膜的啃口, 真係又香又甜又好食.  

墨魚原來真係要"厚切", 食過您先知道什麼是天淵之別. 

炆出的精華, 用來撈粗和撈幼蝦子麵, 真係極極品.   

唯一的副產品係, 我的肥腩與之看齊. 


                         "Little" Chef            12.11.2012

    Apart from our "Kitchen CEO", our little chef has inherited his father's gene in cooking.  I have tasted his tomato egg soup and sunny-side egg few times. Yesterday, he made this Espresso Macchiato for me (from warming the cup, grinding coffee beans to making milk foam).  Taste is perfect. To take a sip of home made coffee in Sunday afternoon with a lazy mood......this is so satisfying.

     To reciprocate, I made his favourite French onion soup for dinner. I can say it is not bad!  


                                            真係無得頂喎             07.11.12                                         

"家廚"又一傑作 - 這煲牛腩炆蘿蔔真係無得頂.  蘿蔔又甜又入味, 塊牛腩一層肥一層廋再加一層牛根(見右圖), 真係很久沒吃過這麼好吃的牛腩!  唔好意思, 又係個句 "無食過, 真係好難形容俾您知喎 ............... hahahahaaaa 


             家廚又一傑作...哈哈哈   (26 Oct, 2012)


a: 真係好食到顛,但又食都您驚

b: 何解呢? 點好食呀?

a: 因為係用超肥五花腩+超高膽






             I believe it is art   (16 Oct, 2012)


 Premier Shrimp Roe Noodle

It is the best shrimp roe noodle I have ever had.  The hardness of noodle is just perfect and taste is so good beyond description.  The soul is the shrimp roe which has been fried with a clean pan.  It fully enhanced the taste and the smell of every single ingredient.  I can say our "home chef" is an in-born food artist.

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