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           Birthday cake for our love  (12 Oct,2012)


這個蛋糕由下午5:00一直弄到晚上8:30才完成(還要雪至明天才能吃).味道好(真的不錯),份量足(係有點實),加上賣相奇特(hehehe)...不過最重要係大家都開開心心ma  =)

It was made from 5:00pm to 8:30pm and was keep in the fridge for overnight.  Taste is good (at least not bad, only a little bit hard), the outlook is so unique   (hahaha).....but the most important is "Happy Birthday to our Love"



                      我最愛的......炒飯   (6 Oct, 2012)




炒飯殊不容易.您看見照片內每粒飯都被蛋包著,每粒飯都炒得如沙般輕,最重要是一點油都沒有,真係"巧"勁! (有圖為證:不消20分鐘,湯碗大的炒飯一粒都無剩)

我生孩子後,老公每天便炒雞蛋薑飯給我吃,我是怎吃也不厭,還越吃越開心. 又一次證明滿足便會開心的了 =]



                  HAPPINESS IS LOVE   (28 OCT, 2012)    




Q:   Happiness is...... ?


A:  My boy had a war game date last Fri, so only my man and I had dinner at home,  He cooked these for me. They are all simple dishes, but they are so delicious. Especially the soup, he dug this recipe from a cook book which stated it is good for stomach.  I was tortured by stomachache last Thu night and couldn't have a good sleep.  I don't think it could help, but it really gave me so much positive energy.  I love my man :))

Human usually thinks too complicated, we just don't need so much.  Happiness comes from love and love comes from your is simple, isn't it ?


          Homemade Food - irresistible     (3 sep, 2012)

Our "Home" chef :) making wonton for us the first time yummy yummy!!!




 It is a spanish tea snack with the prawns in the "oil" goes with a lot of garlics.....even though this is a kind of weapon with mass destruction, you still can't stop after a first try...........   


                                 Birthday cake        (17 Aug, 2012)


Believe it or not, this is the best birthday cake I have ever had !  

Many thanks to my man and my boy!




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